1. Hydration/nutrition: water bottle and a snack

2. Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen

3. Ziplock bag to protect phone, valuables from getting wet (we do provide on-site storage in our WSUP container)

4. Though we provide lifejackets & other safety equipment, please feel free to bring your own lifejacket

5. Photo ID if you look under 25 years old & will be signing a Waiver



*NEW in 2019*

We are operating this summer exclusively at WSUP Toronto beachside of Kew Gardens Tennis Club at the foot of Waverley Road. Parking and traffic can be difficult in this area, so plan ahead so as to be on time as we must honour the rental period to be fair to all our customers!


1. Will be given 10min orientation & instruction on land

2. Will need to demonstrate some key skills before heading out on the lake

What to Expect

What to Bring

What to WEAR

​​​​1. Previous paddling experience required for unguided kayak rentals.

2. All renters will be assessed for paddling abilities. Renters will need to demonstrate boat stability and control (e.g. going in a straight line, turning and stopping).

3. For new kayakers, we offer a 60 minute lesson (on land and guided paddle).

4. All renters are required to sign a Waiver.

5. Renters must be 18 years of age or older to sign a Waiver.

6. Renters under 18 years of age require parent/guardian to sign Waiver (so bring photo ID if you look younger than 25 years).​​

basic requirements

1. Athletic attire: clothing that  lets you move or simply a bathing suit

2. Bottoms that you don't mind getting wet and/or that dry quickly

3. Water sandals if you have sensitive feet (most people go barefoot and bring shoes in kayak)

4. Hat

5. Sunglasses

​6. Sunscreen